A change of plans!

google-earthThey say the only thing in life that is constant is change.  That has been the story of my life and Wendi’s too, at least since
meeting me 29 years ago.   So here we go again, changing horses in midstream – a common occurrence when you’re making it up as you go along.

You see, back in 2012, Wendi and I bought a sailboat and declared the proverbial five year plan to refit the vessel, learn to sail and sail south to the tropics.  That was our “freedom 55” plan.  Since buying the boat, we have pretty much stayed the course and would have been sailing south by the end of the Summer of 2017 – at the age of 55 – however, our plan experienced a small hiccup this year when Wendi was told by her doctor that she could no longer work for medical reasons and I was laid off from my job.

No problem we thought, we’ll simply trim the sails a little and adjust our course accordingly.  We decided that we would stick to the local salt chuck of British Columbia and live aboard and sail full time.  So we dropped the dock lines in April of this year and continued living aboard at our mooring buoy at Browning Harbour, Pender Island while doing more upgrades to the boat.

At the end of June I started working a temporary job around the other side of the island, so we spent the summer at anchor over in Bedwell Harbour.  That job would have ended at the end of September if I were still there.  Long about the middle of August though, I decided to revisit an old idea of finding a position as winter care-taker for one of the many sport-fishing lodges on the BC coast and sent out a few emails.  Within a week we were offered a position at one of the most remote resorts on the West Coast, so I handed in my resignation, effective immediately and set a course for Haida Gwaii.

Here we are now at nearly the western most point in the vast country of Canada.  Between us and Japan, there is nothing but deep blue sea.  Accessible by only air and water, this is off grid, remote West coast life at its finest.  This blog will document our nine month term at The Outpost, (Port Louis) on Haida Gwaii.  We hope you enjoy.


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