Silverlox and the Big Bad Bear

According to, Haida Gwaii is home to the largest black bears in North America.  In March of last spring, for the first time since our arrival the previous September, we began to see some bear sign while on our occasional hikes.  We had always been wondering if the bears here actually hibernate or not… Continue reading Silverlox and the Big Bad Bear


Holed up at Security Cove

We lay at anchor in Security Cove through my birthday (I’m 55 👀).  Wendi made me my favourite – Black Forest Cake – and it was a very nice day.  Later in the evening we got a weather forecast from the InReach Sat Phone and made plans to leave on the morning high tide of… Continue reading Holed up at Security Cove

What actually happened was…

We motored out through Browning Passage at high tide on Thursday the tenth of August at 16:00 hours.  We didn’t find wind until after 8:00 PM and then we raised the sails, sailing WNW with Yankee and Main, close-hauled on a port tack.  That didn’t last long though and by shortly after 10:00 PM we… Continue reading What actually happened was…

To Lands End

– Richmond to Port McNeill Video – Good-Bye Port McNeill – Here on the North Island, they call it “Faugust”.  The morning of Friday, the fourth of “Faugust” was socked in with a very heavy fog.  A red sun tried its best to burn the fog away but was impotent through the blanket of forest… Continue reading To Lands End

“Water, Water Everywhere, Nor any Drop to Drink!”

It was 12:30 PM, February, 1st when we saw sunlight hit the helipad for the first time since early October.  On the sixth, I noticed that it was 11:30 AM when it hit the helipad.  By the seventh, the sun was shining on the helipad at 11:10 AM and by the ninth, the sunshine, as… Continue reading “Water, Water Everywhere, Nor any Drop to Drink!”