The Cloud – Now I’m MAD!!!

First let me apologize in advance for the run-on sentences 😉 I suppose that if we lived like the vast majority of Canadians, or any other first world inhabitants, we would still be in the minority, along with others who might share our view on the subject of bandwidth and data transfer limits.  I say… Continue reading The Cloud – Now I’m MAD!!!


Big Brother Comes a Callin’ — A rant!

“Thank God they’re gone!” Two minutes prior:  “Nice to meet you, have a nice flight.” One hour prior: “Do you have a hunting license?” “No”, I replied. “Why?” “You’ve been hunting racoons.”, “They’re vermin, they were in the building and they were eating our food.” “Okay so it’s okay to kill them without a license… Continue reading Big Brother Comes a Callin’ — A rant!