Wendi & I (Ron) have always been a little flaky, hahaha… Well what I mean by that is that we have never really lived our lives by any sort of master plan.  We planned our marriage, we planned our Daughter but those are pretty short-term things in that it doesn’t take long to accomplish them.  The big picture, our life together, we just took as it came.  It used to drive our little girl nuts when she would ask if she could do something or go somewhere with friends six months down the road and we’d say, “I don’t know, we don’t know what we’ll be doing that far from now. Ask us when it gets closer”.  Anyway, back to the blog and the reason for it…

In 2011 we sold our last house and started looking for a sailboat.  In January of 2012 we bought a Corbin 39 project boat and moved aboard.  Our master plan was to refit the boat, learn to sail and sail away from Canada to warmer climes in five years.

We are now in year four and having to make adjustments.  One thing lead to another and now for the next nine months The Sailing Infidels will not be sailing but will be care-taking a five star sport-fishing resort on the Western most reaches of Haida Gwaii (High duh Gwhy), British Columbia.